Chorizo, Red Onion, Fresh Capsicum & Jalapenos!

Buonasera pizza lovers! Don’t forget we’re closed on Wednesday 26th and returning on Thursday!

It’s hot outside so we’re embracing the heat and making it spicy for the special! ??️??️?

This week it’s Chorizo, Red Onion, Fresh Capsicum & Jalapenos! ????? And if you like things hot then we can also add chilli on request! ??️??️?

If you need to cool down then for dessert there’s Tiramisu, Baci, Tartufo and a selection of delicious gelato! ☕???

We’ll be open Thursday to Saturday from 5pm. Pickup orders or Booking enquiries can be made by calling 0497 220 199.

Thanks for your support and look forward to seeing you all soon! ?❤️?❤️?


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