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~Wed from 5pm~

~Thurs from 5pm~

~Fri from 5pm~

~Sat from 5pm~

Please note closing times vary around the fire any how busy any given night is.

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~ 219 Barker St, Castlemaine VIC 3450 ~

⚜ Weekly Specials & News ⚜


Special 29th Jun - 2nd Jul 2022

Corn Chips, Onion, Capsicum, Jalapenos, Avocado and Greek Yogurt Buonasera pizza lovers!


Special 22nd Jun - 25th Jun 2022

Roast Lamb, Pistachio and Fresh Mint Buonasera pizza lovers!  The rainy week


Special 15th Jun - 18th Jun 2022

Pork and Fennel with Basil Buonasera pizza lovers! It's time for a

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