Black Grape, Rosemary, Pine Nuts and Brie on Olive Oil base

Buonasera pizza lovers! The black seedless grapes are amazing at the moment so it’s time for this decadent special!

This week’s special is Black Grapes, Rosemary, Pine Nuts & Brie on an Olive Oil base!

The sweet burst of the Black Grapes combines with the Brie, Pine Nuts and Rosemary for a powerful Force of flavours! ✨

For dessert we’ll have our usual homemade tiramisu, tartufo, baci, gelato and delicious dessert pizzas! ???? Then why not top it all off with an affogato ☕

We will be open Wednesday to Saturday from 5pm. For Pickup orders or Booking enquiries, call 0497 220 199 We recommend calling ahead as wait times vary.

Also check out the Castlemainia Post here: for a Saturday Potato lunch giveaway!

Thanks for your support and look forward to seeing you all soon! ❤️❤️

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