Banana, Bacon and Chilli.

Buonasera pizza lovers! This week’s special is a controversial combo and sure to cause some debate ????️???

This combination came about from a suggestion from one of our fabulous regular diners who discovered this inventive mix in Queensland.  Despite initial scepticism, we like to embrace creativity, so after a little research we’ve found several variations on this including some popular renditions in Sweden ???

Drawing from these inspirations, we decided to do some experiments and we’re chuffed with the results. 

So this one will be for the adventurous! Without further ado we would like to introduce this week’s special: the Banana, Bacon and Chilli woodfired Pizza!????️?

With a Napoli Base topped with sliced Banana, Fried Bacon, Feta and Fresh Chilli!  The sweet and creamy Banana blends with the Crispy Bacon and salty Feta which is finished with Zing from the Chilli!????️?

Poised to both disturb and delight, we’re sure this will be terrifying for some?, and “Where have you been my whole life!?” for others.  So are you feeling adventurous and which side will you be on???

For dessert try a dessert pizzas or maybe opt for an Affogato for a sweet treat and pick me up ☕???

We’re open Wednesday to Saturday from 5pm, Pickup and dine in, we recommend calling ahead as wait times vary. Phone 0497 220 199 ☎️

Thanks for your support and look forward to seeing you all soon! ?❤️?❤️?


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