Introducing Bella Fresca Woodfire Bread.

When the stars align, the oven temperature is right and time allows, we make Woodfired Bread! ???

Introducing our delectable Bella Fresca Woodfire Bread, crafted with love in small batches at our woodfire pizzeria. This crusty, dense delight is perfect with lashings of butter, accompanying soups, for crusty toast or amazing when fried in olive oil for bruschetta. ??

There’s a fresh batch hot out of the oven as we speak and ready to take home tonight! Availability at this stage will be limited and sporadic so just ask when you call or see if there’s any when you come in. ?✨

We’re open Wednesday to Saturday from 5pm. For Pickup orders or Booking enquiries, call 0497 220 199? We recommend calling ahead as wait times vary.

Thanks for your support and look forward to seeing you all soon! ?❤️?❤️?

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